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Grandma’s butter cake is a favorite recipe in our family. Grandma saved this recipe, on a snippet in her amazing handwriten cookbook. Every time we went to Grandma’s, she would have delicious, freshly baked butter cake waiting for us.

My grandma was a great cook and only grandma could make the most delicious butter cake in the whole world!  We could taste her love for us! And if there is something special to celebrate in the family, we bake Grandma’s butter cake. The butter cake reminds us of our great-grandmother.

Last year we designed the very first  Diedot ‘Art for the kitchen’, for my Moms birthday. It’s a picture of our Grandma as a child and her famous butter cake recipe. In this way we bring back the smell and taste of my Grandmother in Mom’s kitchen.This artwork tells a story, who is filled with my family memories. There I realized that it is important to share your memories and beautiful things in life.

…The start of Diedot!
The beautiful things in life


Give, Share & Enjoy

Team of Diedot designing beautiful products that reminds you of the beautiful things in life. Your beautiful things! Products filled with memories of your home country, family & friends or beautiful places around the world.

Diedot designs unique items under its own label. Products for in your home, kitchen, interior or daily life. A mixture of recipes, design and lifestyle. To hang on the wall, to eat and to share with loved ones.

A mission with the ultimate aim to share good things together. Because if you enjoy it, then let other people enjoy it too. Show it to me and to the world, because we also want to show you!

With those thoughts we make these beautiful things. For you, for your mother, your neighbor and all other people in the world. To enjoy together, to learn and to love … To pass it on to another one ….

COLLECTION – a Piece of Paper

A new collection with delicious recipes of the Netherlands. To hang on the wall and to share with family & friends.

An exclusive collection inspired by old traditional recipes. Designed for a nice piece of paper on the wall! Simple & Easy. Shows your mood of the moment and let’s taste it…


We save your family recipes into a work of art. Because the inkt is starting to fade out… and that is why you should keep your family recipe and history!

This unique and luxury photo panel, with an exclusive high gloss liquid coating, provides on a natural way, a magnifying and brightening effect, what makes the colors more intense and deeper.


Discover the new Key rings of Diedot! A classic & stylish key ring. Handmade from beautiful materials as 100 % tanned leather and differences colored felt.

An exclusive and classic collection inspired of Holland. Hang your keys on a stylish keychain and carry your valuables with you. Characteristic & Trendy. Your memories, your story of Holland. In the city, village or country, wherever you go!

Products with a Memorie


Home | Living | Interior | Kitchen 

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